Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Portrait of an artist - John Sims

Today's Art Fayre artist is John Sims of Lochiel, Ontario.

John Clark Sims was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a graduate of Boston Museum School of Fine Arts.

After moving to Canada in 1973, John worked for many years as a technical illustrator and graphic artist in Montreal. He was the graphic arts coordinator at Marconi Canada throughout the 80s and worked as a technical illustrator at Pratt & Whitney Canada before moving to Glengarry in 1999.

Since 2005, John has shown at several venues in Eastern Ontario including The Abby for the Arts, the Arbor Gallery and the Glengarry Pioneer Museum. He has also done a number of paintings on a commission basis.

John’s output in the 1970s and 80s, paintings of Quebec scenery and historic houses, were widely exhibited in Montreal through various galleries and many are in private collections.

John has now turned his eye to the landscape, people and horses of Glengarry for inspiration.

Come see John's breathtakingly-beautiful paintings at Art Fayre on June 23rd & 24th. You'll have the chance to meet John as well!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Portrait of an artist - Sigrun Schroeter

Today's Art Fayre artist is Sigrun Schroeter of Alexandria, Ontario.

Sigrun Schroeter taught drawing at the Visual Arts Center in Westmount and, as co-founder of Ateliers Beaux-Arts, gave summer workshops in pastel and watercolour in the Beauce and Charlevoix regions of Quebec.

She was a member of Powerhouse – a women’s collective art gallery – for several years. Her pastel landscapes have been shown in both solo and group exhibitions in Toronto and Montreal.

In this series of paintings, she has taken familiar Glengarry subjects and tried to distil their painterly qualities, emphasizing composition, colour and form.

To see more of Sigrun's lush, beautiful pastel work, join us at Art Fayre on June 23 & 24th, where you'll have a chance to meet the artists and buy their creations.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Portrait of an Artist - Aino Lutter

Today's Art Fayre artist is Aino Lutter from Lochiel, Ontario.

Aino is a realist painter whose subject matter ranges from landscapes and still lives to portraits.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Art & Art History from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, in 1975.

Between 1988 - 1991, her paintings were exhibited and sold mainly through
major auctions houses such as Sothebyʼs, and Waddingtonʼs in Toronto
and Pinneyʼs and Hotel des encans, in Montreal.

Between 1986-2010 she had many group and solo exhibitions both in Montreal and Ontario.

 Her paintings can be found in various corporate and private collections and
they have been published in various magazines such as Pastel Artist

You can see more of Aino's work here.

Join us June 23 & 24 at Art Fayre to meet Aino and see her exquisite paintings in person.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Portrait of an Artist - Flip Flockton

Today's Art Fayre artist is Flip Flockton of Glengarry, Ontario

A longtime resident of Glengarry, Flip, in retirement, has been able to indulge in a lifelong interest in artistic activities.

Exotic hens on Natalie's Farm

 Through Art Trading Cards, she met a number of talented, local artists who generously gave their time and encouragement to her.  

This led to using pen & ink combined with watercolours to create
whimsical cartoons, and hours of fun!

Here are a few of Flip
swonderful, whimsical Art Trading Cards:

Major Douglas Jones


Fashion Giraffe 

Pisces 1

Pisces 2

Join us at Art Fayre on June 23 & 24 to see more of Flip's fun and fabulous creations!