Thursday, March 17, 2011

Portrait of an Artist - Emily Brinac

Today's Art Fayre artist is Emily Brinac of Martintown, Ontario.

Emily is a gourd artist. She grew up on a small farm in Europe where a common scene was hard shell gourds, climbing around verandas and surrounding gardens. Childhood memories had a major influence on pursuing her creativity, to be expressed on three dimensional nature's canvas, hard shell gourds.


Because of the historical significance of gourds in humankind, she considers her tireless work on hard shell gourds a privilege.


Her carved, painted, and wood-burned gourds with pine needle or sweet grass weaving are found in homes in United States, Canada and Europe.


Mark your calendar now for June 11 and 12! Come to Art Fayre to meet Emily, and enjoy her unique gourd art in person.

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