Saturday, March 5, 2011

Portrait of an Artist - Holly Kelleher

Today's Art Fayre artist is Holly Kelleher of Dunvegan, Ontario. Here's what Holly has to say about her art:

"My approach to all of my work is simple — I pay attention to my environment and what is happening in it. Since moving to a rural area I have focused my work on observing and reacting to the natural objects around me. For several years I have been creating large oil paintings of leaves. I like to collect leaves and watch how they curl and change creating interesting sculptural shapes. I look forward to summer which permits working outdoors with pastel. Winter is my time for painting in the studio."

Here's a sampling of Holly's exquisite pastel work...


Holly's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Ontario and Quebec  Holly has also worked as an illustrator and graphic designer and weaver. A talented hand weaver, she has created commissioned tapestries for various organizations across Canada.

Come meet Holly and see her lovely art at Art Fayre 2011!

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