Monday, April 11, 2011

Portrait of an Artist - Barbara Glen

Today's Art Fayre artist is Barbara Glen of Maxville, Ontario.

Barbara Glen's early training was in photography. She spent a number of years photographing private collections, museum collections for cataloguing purposes, show installations and works of art for publication.

 A Ribbon of Yellow

 Design and collage had always fascinated her, and in 2002 an Artist Trading Card Show supplied a table with collage materials and an invitation to visitors to make and trade their own cards.

Since then she's made hundreds of ATCs, attended drawing and painting classes, numerous workshops and has been lucky enough to have talented artists encourage her, support her and share their knowledge and craft with her.

 Ode to Francis Bacon

 One Leaf and a Pair

Noodling Around

 Barb's creative art will be featured at this year's Art Fayre. Come meet Barb and the other artists on Vernissage day: Saturday, June 11, 2011!

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